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CHANGE is everywhere in Cebu City..

If you have noticed, high rise buildings are sprouting everywhere. As a licensed Broker, i get invited at least once every month for a project launching. So just imagine at least 12 new projects within a year for us to offer. Hmmm.....It means good business.

Most of our buyers nowadays are getting younger. As young as 22 years old my client started her first condominium investment. The purpose usually of our buyers for buying a condo unit is for rental business. Here are 2 things we consider when we offer a condo project to our buyer/investors:

  1. LOCATION is very important to consider when buying a condo unit for lease. The location of your unit must be accessible to public transportation and must be near to offices, Malls, Schools and BPO companies to increase chances of having your unit rented.
  2. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT is also very important to consider because if the condominium building where your unit is located is well kept, your unit will easily be rented. Moreover your unit will also appreciate its value through the years.

For your Real Estate Investment in Cebu.... BE SAFE. Deal only with PRC licensed Real Estate Broker.