A Story Behind The Smile

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My angelic profile photo in the internet caught the attention of these property owners in Cebu City to hire me as their real estate broker for their property here in Cebu. One of the siblings emailed me  and we have successfully communicated online because 5 out of 6 owners are based outside of the country and only 1 is in Manila.

Their property consists of 7 apartment units with a vacant lot and is titled. It is owned by the 6 siblings through inheritance. All are married with children, however, 2 of the siblings have passed away.

All 7 units are currently occupied at the time it’s offered for sale, so the next owner is assured of income.

As I analyze the property listing, this entails a lot of paper work preparation before the final sale. Here’s the list of documents I prepared before the sale:

  1.  Special power of attorney with ribbon from the embassy for the 5 siblings who are based in the USA and cannot come for the final signing of the deed of sale
  2. Special power of attorney with ribbon from the embassy for the person to settle extra- judicial settlement of estate among the heirs of the siblings who passed away
  3. Extra-Judicial Settlement of Heirs for the family of the 2 siblings who passed away
  4. Affidavit of 2 of the same person for the sibling who's named in the title is different from her passport
  5. Notice to the lessee that the property is for sale
  6. Offer to purchase form incase the lessee are interested to buy the property

We had many interested buyers for this property considering that the location is very proximal to the Ayala Cebu IT Park Business District, schools, churches and supermarkets. But you know, the lucky buyer is just the owner of the adjacent lot. 

Today, I see the apartments are rented out as commercial space on the ground floor and their staff live on the 2nd floor. The vacant lot is used for parking for the hotel guests.

Each time I pass by, I am very happy and proud to say that I sold that property. And it makes me happier to see that the business of the buyer is doing very well.

As a licensed real estate broker, my main objective is to protect the interest of both parties- property seller and buyer. And in the end, we make all parties happy because we were able to deliver all the documents required and transfer the title to the new buyer.


Written by: Ma. Corazon A. dela Fuente, PRC Licensed Real Estate Broker in Cebu since 1997.

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