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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Property is Difficult To Sell By

Here comes a property owner asking our realty office in Cebu City to help them dispose their commercial property which they have inherited from their parents.  WE conducted a due diligence on the property, prepared the documents for the sale and still the property is unsold within 2 years after we received the listings.

Sharing with you an actual experience, our top 5 reasons why your property is difficult to sell:

1. PRICE - The price per square meter is base on their money need and not by the present market value of the property. Most often it's overpriced because the price is for 5 years from now.

2. LOCATION - The location of the property is very far, or without a road right of way or it could be your property is beside informal settlers where shanties are built without drainage and the price is not commensurate to the location of the property.

3. TITLE WITH ENCUMBRANCES - The title has a pending annotation for claims from the third party for an unpaid loan or for ownership claim issue. And the buyer will not take the risk of inheriting the problem of the property.

4. UNDECIDED - The property owner is not fully decided to sell their property and when prospect buyers show interest over the property and come to meet with them they easily increase the price and say... "Anyway, we are not in a hurry to sell our property".

5. OWNER LIVES WITHIN THE PROPERTY - Since the owner is living within the place, we always ask permission every time the buyer will inspect the property. Most of the time we adjust to the convenient time of the owner to allow us to enter their premises and it is usually not based on the availability of the buyers to inspect the property. 

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