Guide in Checking Land Title in the Philippines


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 How can i check the title of the property i am about to buy | Guide in checking land title in the Philippines | CebuBai

This is important to note, everytime you buy a property in the Philippines, always check the title.

Here's a Guide to check your title.

1. A property has 2 titles,   title #1 is with Registry of Deeds (RD), this is what you call Registry Copy and title # 2 is with the owner of the property. This is what you call Owner"s Duplicate Copy (ODT)

2. Go to the nearest Registry of Deeds and bring a photocopy of Owner's Duplicate Copy. Fill up a form with title number and name of the property owner written in the title and request for a Certified True Copy of the title. 
The Certified True Copy is according to what is stated in Registry copy. Once you get hold of your Certified True Copy, compare it with your ODT, and make sure that all details are the same.
3. Report to Records officer of RD if you noticed disparity in the details of the 2 titles.
BE SAFE. Deal only with Licensed Real Estate Broker when buying a property in the Philippines.